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Re: SLT robs light

Christoph Stephan wrote:

Kim Flowers wrote:

Can anyone explain to me (and I'm not starting an argument here, I truly want to know before I purchase) why many DSLR photographers won't consider the Sony SLT cameras for serious photography? I already know how the technology is different (at least in a broad sense), but does it actually affect the results? I have almost purchased the Sony a57 several times but keep holding back until I've explored this.

Thanks so much.

My reason not to ever consider it is that it robs light. Some light is diverted from the translucent mirror to feed the finder with information for its image.

Yes, and like you I hated that idea. But the idea is really the hardest part, because the reality is that its higher ISO performance is not harmed. The A57 competes well among its 16MP non-SLT peers. It scores within 2 pts on DxO vs a NEX-5, and 5 pts of a D7000.

In a conventional SLR, 100% of the light is used for the finder during framing, and when the mirror flips up, 100 % is used for taking the picture. Therefore SLT will always have a ISO /shutterspeed/aperture penalty - forcing your to up one of them earlier as you would otherwise need to do with a conventional SLR.

You know most say 1/3 stop is not discernible by the human eye, right?

Thrue that this MAY be inuscule but as we strive towards ever better low light capabilities - I would not want to compromise on that.

I've had Canon, Nikon and Samsung APS-C cameras in the last 2 years and I can tell you there's no compromise.

In addtion, as only a small amount of the light diverted by the translucent mirror it has to be amplifed - the finder of SLT is essentially an electronic finder with the huge battery consumption that entails.

You're exaggerating this.

SLT has a compromise in still photo capabilities in favour of better in video - if video is very important for you, you may consider it. If still photograpy is your main focus, forget about it.

Ridiculous. Video is not really a strong suit of the A57 in the first place -- but stills are.

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