Canon wide angle lens question (upgraded from a 40d to a 5DMark3)

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Re: Canon wide angle lens question (upgraded from a 40d to a 5DMark3)

The main difference between the 10-22 and 17-40 is that the 17-40 has more barrel distortion at the wide end. If you want to correct this in post for architectural pictures, you reduce the angle of view and 17, even without correction, is not as wide as 10 in crop. On the other hand, the 17-40 mm reaches 40 mm which is more than the 35 mm equivalent of the 10-22.

I did not considered the 16-36 because of the cost and I enjoy the 17-40.

jordanzs wrote:

My main question (and I don't see this in any reviews) is has anyone switched from a crop sensor & 10-22 setup to a full frame and 17-40 setup? How do they compare? Seems like the 10-22 multiplied by the 1.6 crop would provide a similar field of view as a full framed 17-40? How does the sharpness compare, mainly at the wide end? I've seen some complaints about the 17-40 not being sharp at the edges, but I've also heard that about the 10-22, and that lens is fine for me.

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