Does using a FF lens with adapter lose light?

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Re: Does using a FF lens with adapter lose light?

Richie Beans wrote:

"Hollow adapters dont loose light."

The "hollow" adapter between my legacy lens and the sensor moves the lens almost an inch away from the sensor plane. I'm pretty sure that light intensity falls off as a square of the distance, if high school physics serves me right. Perhaps not a big deal in this case, but worth noting as clarification.

This is old and maybe you are not reading this but.

The adaptor doesnt move the lens away from the lens. It put it at the designed distance for this lens. So at its designed distance, it will work as the aperture it says it has, so, no loose light. At least for an adapter. If you are talking about extension tubes, that is another thing. They may look the same but they are not the same.

You only loose light with an adapter if there is something in the middle, as I already said, with the LAEA2 , or if there is glass in the middle.

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