ICC profile varies between quality settings? ColorMunki + R220

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Re: Thank you for the responses, Apotheker and jtoolman

jtoolman wrote:

Ok, that makes TOTAL sense to me and it is the way I would have done it as well.

Congratilations on the resurection of the R220. Back when that printer came out it was quite expensive little beast and I did own one.

I have made lots of videos on the subject of the color munki and refillable carts for the 3800 which would apply to the 3880 as well as other printing subjects.

If you want I can send you links to them. Let me know.

Thanks - I did feel a sense of accomplishment after getting the nozzle checks to print consistently. And yes, it was a good decision to get a cheap throwaway printer for training, as I didn't have to lose any sleep over it... like the time I was completely missing two channels and getting worse and worse nozzle checks every time. This was when I realized that I have to pull out the vent plugs from the refillable carts! No wonder I was missing channels - there was no way for the carts to breathe. I would have been a nervous wreck had I been battling the same issue with the R3000.

Come to think of it, I would have probably given up on the refillables right away and run away to the store to purchase a set of OEM's.. only to find that half of the inks would have been used to prime the lines and purge the air. I can't imagine how many people have given up on home printing after they've had bad experiences with expensive gear failing on them due to no first-hand experience and little understanding of how it all works.

Anyway, I've watched your excellent refilling and profiling videos, and they are actually the reason I now own a ColorMunki, which truly is a remarkable piece of kit and encourages me to experiment with papers and ink.

Keep up the good work and thanks again!

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