Olympus - Digital camera downturn takes toll

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Re: Olympus - Digital camera downturn takes toll

My telephone, which is in no way smart, has killed, as far as I am concerned, the travel alarm clock and the voice recorder. Those were cheap consumer products, maybe all produced in the same factory in China for different brands. The high end recorder survives for music people and those shooting video via DSLR: a small market where quality is important.

The compact digital market is very similar to alarm clocks. Zero novelty, zero new features, most of them boring little things whose usability, even looks, is dubitable. Most of them look the same, work the same, make similar images. Even the gesture of shooting is similar to that of a phone. Those who care about image quality go for bigger sensors, even in compact form. Those who don't stay with the phone. End of an industry sector that decided to kill itself.

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