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Re: Microsoft Surface Pro and photo editing?

Rick Baumhauer wrote:

drj3 wrote:

Just got a Surface Pro 128. With the type keyboard, it takes up the same amount of desk surface as my 10" netbook, certainly far less than either my 15 inch or 14 inch laptops. It is no different than any other laptop with respect to desk height. The term laptop computer is not really appropriate for almost any computer, since almost no laptop should be used on a lap without a hard base under the computer. They tend to get very hot and you may block the fan or heat vents. At least the Surface has no vents to block on the bottom, so you could use it on your lap with or without the keyboard. It should be thought of as a light small ultrabook which can be used as a tablet. I purchased it to replace my netbook for travel since the netbook was simply too slow for everything. Used with a 1TB protable usb 3.0 HD, it is ideal for downloading photos and sending them to people while traveling as well as generally WEB surfing when in your hotel. It can easily run photoshop or LR for quick pocessing while traveling and has the advantage that when combined with Street Atlas USA Plus, it enables my wife to check out maps of the area, look up local attractions, get phone numbers, and do alternate routes,etc. without distrubing me or the Garmin GPS while I drive. It is, however, an expensive toy, which should not be considered a good photo editing computer for general use. The screen is much to small for critcal work.

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I'm glad it's working for you - as I said, I'm not saying it won't work for everybody, but your needs need to map very specifically to the compromises that Microsoft made in designing the Surface Pro.

That said, a couple points you brought up just don't ring true. Specifically, there's no way that the Surface, from the front edge of the keyboard cover to the where the kickstand rests, is smaller than a 14" or 15" laptop. I've seen the photos, and it's requires more space, front to back, than a 15" MacBook Pro - this comes into play on an airline tray table, for instance.

The Surface is different from normal laptops with regard to desk/table height because it can only be set at one angle - a laptop can have the angle of the screen adjusted via the screen hinge, so you can lay the screen back if the table is low, or bring it closer to vertical on a higher surface (no pun intended).

Laptops like the MacBook Air or a Windows Ultrabook (with similar hardware to the Surface Pro) do not run hot, and can be used on your lap with no issues. I will admit that this is an issue that is being noted a lot by the tech press, since they cover press events with a laptop on their lap. For this purpose, the current king is the 11" MacBook Air, and the Surface Pro wont' be displacing that. Whether that matters to other users will depend on their needs.

I fail to understand the apathy towards the surface. Pull the brand moniker and would there be any difference?

its an ultra book masquerading as a tablet. It gives you a drawing pad aka WACOM to use on the fly that a MacBook Air  would could never do,

it doesn't work for everyone, but its another option for those with enough cash to fling money at.

apple is no the only brand one as to waste money on.

For the record, I own a MacBook Pro, air and surface RT as well as iPads.

II just took my Surface rt to a three day workshop, and used it for word processing, information sharing amongst colleagues and presentation. It ran from 8m to 6pm without any need of a power outlet Everyday.

Both the surface pro and MacBook Air can't do that. And you lose half the screen space using the iPad for such a purpose. Plus you can't share info via USB like the surface rt can And i did.

to the OP. it's an ultra book caliber device. You'll get similar performance out of it from a MacBook Air. You just have to consider whether the design suits your needs.

From my experience the device is very liberating In terms of portability but frustrating in terms of software. But then I use the RT version...

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