ICC profile varies between quality settings? ColorMunki + R220

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Re: Thank you for the responses, Apotheker and jtoolman
Now I am going to ask you something that may sound mean. You mentioned a R3000 so why in the world would you go to all this trouble profiling a very old R220 on 3rd part DYE inks to print on enpensive Baryta papers? I would've thought that class of paper would be more suited to something like your R3000.

Or you were simply refering to the R3000's known output and you do not actually own one?

I own a R340 and R380, but then I also have access to many other higher end pigment printers. So I would not ever consider using those R340 and R380 printers on expensive papers.

Yes, good question. I also own an R3000. It's a different beast altogether, and I would naturally use the R3000 to profile and print on the expensive baryta papers.

I bought the R220 second hand and ordered the cheapest inks just to experiment with refilling and profiling so as to not mess up my expensive R3000. This exercise here was actually my first time using the ColorMunki to create a printer profile. It has been good practice, and I've really gained a better understanding of refilling, priming cartridges, and getting an old printer with a messed up nozzle check to print beautifully and consistently. I feel more confident in doing all this with my R3000 when the stock inks are depleted (I have a set of carts and InkRepublic inks waiting for this).

Anyway, long story short, I got the R220 just as a practice piece and wasn't really expecting anything in terms of print quality, but this old and small printer baffled me with the first photo quality image I printed on photo paper after numerous purge pages and nozzle checks over a two-week period to clear the channels and get the ink flowing: the quality of the prints is definitely good enough to use, and I will most likely hand the R220 down to my son. I definitely won't be putting it out of service as was the original plan.


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