Epson 3880 LCD symbols.

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Problem semi-solved. New question.

Hugowolf wrote:

Have you ever created a custom setting, such as a custom paper?

Brian A

Your question prompted me to look further. On the printer, I found that selecting MENU -> CUSTOM PAPER gives me a choice of STANDARD and PAPER No.1 ...PAPER No.10.  PAPER No.1 was selected.

Changing that to STANDARD made the gibberish in the lower left of the LCD disappear!

I had once set up a custom paper size in the driver software, but have no recollection of working with these on-printer paper settings.  Have no idea how to set them, what paper characteristics they refer to,  or if there are default values associated with them.

Not finding anything in the Epson user guide on this.

So, my question has changed to:   What are the CUSTOM PAPER settings and how does one choose them?

Thanks to all for the help.

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