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Pentax has a nice walk-around zoom lens? LOL!

DaveP E1 wrote:

Give me a compelling reason to stick with Oly. The E-5 will require all new lenses, 12-60 & 50-200 ~$3300. The Pentax K-5 ii on the other hand has a nice walk-around 18-135mm (x1.5) f3.8 kit lens lens with supposed better IQ, dynamic range, very high ISO ~$1500. With Oly possibly abandoning the semi-pro SLR market it seems like a no-brainer.

Did you look into this Pentax lens? Or did you just assume it was a good lens? I find it to be very frustrating the way people on these forums, and most DSLR users in general, will obsess to no end over the minutiae of camera sensor performance and then go on to stick a crappy slow zoom lens on their new wonder camera and blissfully proceed to take mediocre snap shots.

Here are a few quotes from Photozone on this Pentax lens:

"Regarding the high pricing of the lens we were expecting a very good performance throughout its broad zoom range and all that in a very compact, high quality body. Unfortunately the testing reality revealed a mediocre optical performance at best."

"The Pentax lens is actually very good to even excellent in the image center but the borders/corners suffer from massive field curvature at the wide end and plain sofness at tele settings."

"At 135mm there's no border/corner quality to speak of anymore even at f/11 - this is quite embarrassing"

An E-5 shooting at ISO 200 with the 50-200 stopped down to f4 is going to give you better photos then a K5 II shooting at ISO 1600 with this dog of a lens stopped down to f11. Better yet, free yourself of the zoom lens crutch and put a 150 f2 on the E-5!

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