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SirSeth wrote:

Besides AF speed, constant f4 is not the equal of 2.8-3.5 and the field of view is 90-375mm verses 100-400mm. The little extra speed of the Olympus lens helps it to mate very well with the 1.4x and 25mm extension tube. Does Pentax have weather sealed teleconverters like Olympus does that mate perfectly to the 60-250mm? I don't doubt that the Pentax lens is a good lens--glad to hear it. However, I also don't doubt which lens I'd prefer based upon these differences. And the Olympus lens is $600 less. That's no small point for most people.

Quotes are from PhotoZone:

"In terms of depth-of-field capabilities the Zuiko behaves like a full format f/5.6-7 lens. This is not overly impressive but in conjunction with a long focal length setting and/or close focus distances it is still possible to isolate objects from their surrounding. The quality of the bokeh (out-of-focus blur) is certainly of interest because the 50-200mm ED is one of the faster Olympus zoom lenses (surpassed by the 35-100mm f/2 of course). It is naturally possible to produce a decent bokeh if the focus spread is big enough (= distance between the primary subject and surrounding objects) but in critical situations - that's a nervous background in conjunction comparatively long focus distances - the quality can leave something to be desired. Here're two examples - one shows a pretty decent bokeh whereas the other one is rather sub-optimal. "

The 60-250 is f/5.6 equivalent throughout its range:

"While not formally tested the high quality of the bokeh (out-of-focus blur) seems to be a differentiator compared to similar lenses - long tele zoom lenses are often problematic here."

So regardless of aperture specs, the 60-250 has greater DOF control, and is praised for its bokeh vs. a "sub-optimal" verdict for the 50-200.

The other important issue with aperture is speed of exposure. At the wide end, the 50-200 gains a stop, but the K-5 II gains well over one stop in SNR vs. the E5, so the aperture advantage is nullified. At the long end, the 60-250mm will allow you to select faster shutter speeds for equivalent SNR. This applies even if you compare using the new OMD sensor. Of course with a 60-200 on an OMD the AF speed is severely compromised, as is AF-C.

FOV and crop are widely misunderstood in the Olympus and m4/3 forum. The camera does not affect the focal length of the lens. A 200mm focal length has the same optical magnification, no matter what body it is mounted on. The 60-250 is, as it states, 10mm more narrow and 50mm longer than the 50-200 if you mount both on a full-frame camera. To get a cropped image, just cut away the edges. If you crop to 2X with the 50-200, you will be left with a 400mm equivalent FOV at the long end. If you crop to 2X with the 60-250mm, you will be left with a 500mm FOV. The only difference will be in the number of pixels left in the image, not a big issue with the resolution of current cameras.

To compare specifics, a 50-200 on a 12mp E5 vs. a 60-250 on a 16mp K-5 II, you have a wider FOV with the APS-C (90 vs 100), and you can crop the long end from 16mp down to 12 megapixels and you'll have a narrower FOV than the Olympus, with no penalty.

Price favours the 50-200 right now, which I assume has to do with demand. Until recently both were the same price, and there is better pricing available.

The TC is a sore spot for Pentax users. There is a 1.4X showing on the roadmap, which will be WR and SDM compatible. There is a used Pentax 1.7X that works, and the Tamron 1.4 PZ and Kenko 1.5X PZ also work with SDM, but can be a little quirky. Regardless, you don't need a TC, all you have to do is crop the 60-250 photo to the same FOV as the 50-200 and TC, as explained above.

Although I looked carefully at the 60-250, I didn't go for it. The DA*300mm f/4 was more interesting for me, due to its better IQ, longer focal length and close focus ability. The price is better too.

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