Those AWFUL 70-200 Nikon Zooms! ;-) Locked

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Re: Those AWFUL 70-200 Nikon Zooms! ;-)

We'll have to agree to disagree on this one then. I have used the latest Canon 70-200; I have colleagues who shoot other brands ya know

I think the Canon is a bit better at distance, but I have a clear preference for the Nikkor in the short/intermediate to even moderate ranges where I usually work. I have a 200/2 AFS, and when I "for the hell of it" tested the VR2 zoom against it at close range, while the breathing is obviously there, I was downright shocked at how close the VR2 was by F/4 to the legendary prime. Neither my old VR1, nor the Canon 70-200, came that close in terms of image quality in that distance range. So I'll live with the breathing.


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