ICC profile varies between quality settings? ColorMunki + R220

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Re: Thank you for the responses, Apotheker and jtoolman

jtoolman wrote:

You can use whatever quality setting you choose to use. However, they must be kept the same between the first print and the second print and when you begin to use that profile.

You differences between the first time you scanned the first print and second time you scanned the first print may indeed have been a scanning error by you. If the patches are not perfectly evn in color and as you are scannin you target a slightly different colored area of a patch, the your second set of patches will indeed be different.

I use the full size prints to make sure ai have perfectly even homogenously colored patches so there will not be a reading discrepency.

Yes, those are good points. It is prudent to use full size test charts whenever viable/possible to prevent scanning errors. There are quite a lot of factors involved, and profiling appears to require a very methodological approach.

The second profiling seems to have been successful, and the prints look great. Even B/W prints appear as neutral as they can be (not matching the results given by the R3000, but very good nevertheless).

I printed a couple of nozzle checks and 6-color purge pages during this workout to rule out any printer problems, and everything was always faultless in the printouts, so the discrepancy was clearly user error. This has been good practice, and I consider myself ready to profile my expensive baryta papers now!


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