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FrankyM wrote:

Haider wrote:

(SNIP).... For some reason PDAF has not been cracked to the level required yet for introducing ZD 4/3rds lens on m4/3rds. That's damaged Oly a lot. From announcements Oly have they would always have an DSLR product.... (SNIP)

Sadly, what, IMO, has damaged Olympus more than anything is a lack of product strategy and poor management, which has led potential Olympus customers to consider other alternatives. Fortunately for Olympus mFT has had a measure of success which has alleviated the situation. I think Olympus need to make a clear statement on where they're headed. Although it's not normal for (other) camera companies to do that, the rest have not manoeuvred themselves into this situation and the various statements from various Olympus employees which have been bandied around are not convincing enough for many.

I personally bought into mFT since Olympus stated that that was the only path for Exxx/Exx users but only when the E-M5 was released. I was about to switch brands as the PEN offerings were, to me, unsuitable.

I wonder just how much damage Olympus has done to itself; we shall see....

I agree with what you say to a certain extent. I think that lower than expected sales of E series has muddled their thinking. If the E-300 and E1 had sold out they would have had a much clearer strategy/tactics. Muddled may be trying to be adapt strategy to ground-realities. What Oly have done with 4/3rds is very difficult when you're a small player. Just to keep the system alive for the length of time it has is an achievement.

I think two factors caused the uptake issue which lead to the muddled thinking: -

1.) The early sensors and AA filters didn't let the HG & SHG lens show their optical superiority in the form of clearly better IQ compared to the APS-C competition. ISO, noise and DR issues. I hope this is what the E-7 can correct with EM-5 sensor.

2.) OM-D is substantially smaller the APS-C. 4/3rds enthusiast DSLRs needs some of the clever OM-D handling/battery grips to enable it to be smaller and yet grow to be handle the bigger 4/3rds lenses. E-5 is as big as APS-C DSLR.

I'm not sure If reviving the E-XXX would be profitable as a lot of the userbase will eye up mirror-less systems. There could be room for an E-XX though. I have always thought they lacked a true professional DSLR like the Nikon D3/D4 or EOS 1D type DSLR but they may not have the associated professional services to go with it???



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