NEX7n to be announced

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Re: Faster AF would be very handy :-))

nzmacro wrote:

It will be interesting mate. Going to take a lot to get me to change and AF speed won't do it I'm the odd one out I guess, LOL. Not sure how they will get me to upgrade........... ahhh...... maybe add a coffee maker, but a small one

All the best Dirk and family, times look good for NEX.


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I'm with you there, especially since the price of the NEX-7 has depreciated so badly on the used market that mine probably won't even make a 50% dent in the price of a new 7n. I think the things that'll make lots of people opt for this over the 6 are A. improved high-ISO performance (though in my opinion the 7 is unfairly maligned for this) and B. a microlens array to solve the color-cast issue. Other than that, I figure people will just flock to those used NEX-7s, which will probably be at around $500 within two months!

As for the new 20MP sensor with improved DR...I wonder what that will actually mean. The 7 is already right near the top of the APS-C world in terms of DR, which is kind of incredible given how many MP they've jammed into it.

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