Fuji X20.. where is that 50 list ?

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Re: Here is your reference to 50 improvements, follow link Re: Fuji X20.. where is that 50 list ?

Sir Corey of Deane wrote:

Greynerd wrote:

Possibly Milud they were talking about a low ISO night scene with 50 bright street lights on it.

Hello, Greynerd. Yeees, I'm aware of the orbs business but I must assume that should I purchase an X10 (which is on my short list), the recently manufactured ones should have the new orb-free sensor.

I have plenty of time to consider which camera will suit my needs as I have only recently got into digital photography with a most affordable refurbished F300 EXR whose performance and colours are more than adequate for my snap-shooting needs.



I know. I just could not resist it. The FX10 is still holding its price so is not far short of the new crop of fast lens compact so it is a difficult choice.

The FX20 looks very interesting if not ideal on paper, but I am sure will cost an arm and a leg in the UK for some time.

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