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Re: There's a very obvious choice you may have overlooked.

SirSeth wrote:

fakuryu wrote:

One River wrote:

Does the OMD really offer equal IQ to the K5ii?

My understanding is that it doesn't offer the same IQ as the K5, mark I.

In reality, the OMD 5 just matches or almost match a good DSLR, heck it might just be on par with my K-r and lets say both with good glass.

Now the K5 is a different matter. Before the other and recent iterations of the Sony 16mp CMOS sensor, it is regarded as the best APSC camera as it can be. Now with the K5II with a weaker AA filter, the gap between the OMD5 should be farther and if compared to K5IIs that does not even have an AA, they do not even belong in the same zip code.

Go look at the comparometer at DPR and see for yourself as daddyo suggested. I just did. The OM-D is the equal or very close to equal at everything up to ISO6400. Above that RAW suffers in the OM-D just a little, but the Olympus JPG does better than Pentax at all ISOs imo. This shouldn't be surprising since they both use current Sony sensors. What is surprising is that the sensor size difference does not give the Pentax K5ii a clear IQ advantage. In other words, Olympus and Pentax have done very very good with this Sony sensor, but one doesn't wipe the floor with the other. In real life shooting, there would be no difference if we can't even see a clear advantage pixel peeping at 100%. Printing differences would be indistinguishable. However, the size and weight advantage of the OM-D is compelling for people who value that.



For the JPG, I agree, Olympus rivals that of Fuji for JPG SOOC.

But in real world shooting? I respectfully disagree. I was lucky enough to have played around with an OMD5 (Panny 20mm f1.7). I loved the build quality and the AF. But IQ wise, it feels just on par with my K-r and DA 40 Limited (I know the angle of view is different from one another).

When I played around with a K5IIs and did an apples to apples comparison vs my Kr and both using my DA 70 Limited, the IQ and sharpness was in a different league. I can just imagine the wide gap with a K5IIs given their best glass (prime) at an equivalent angle of view compared with OMD5.

Additionally, there is no substitute for a big and bright OVF

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