ICC profile varies between quality settings? ColorMunki + R220

Started Feb 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Thank you for the responses, Apotheker and jtoolman

Yes, it appears that the quality setting is yet another factor that affects the neutrality of printing results.

However, I performed the profiling using the Best Photo setting, and was still getting erratic results. I then completed the profiling again using the same settings and same 1st test chart, and when ColorMunki produced the 2nd test chart, there were noticeable differences. I've attached the 2nd test charts from both profilings below, and highlighted the most visible changes.

I can only conclude that an error was introduced during the scanning phase in the first profiling. The test chart strips are of course much smaller than normal, as the paper is only 7x5 in size (I've used a reduction of 58% from A4 size). Well, this is a lesson learned, and I really need to be very careful when scanning the smaller chart strips, as errors are easily introduced from the adjacent strips.


2nd Test Chart differences

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