Nikon 2-Year Extended Service Coverage not in Florida

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Re: Nikon 2-Year Extended Service Coverage not in Florida

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

One year is too short. You should always extend coverage on an expensive state of the art electronic device if the price is right. You better believe I covered my D800e for three years for $149. That's a no brainer if ever there was one.

There are three reasons to get insurance.

1. You can't afford the risk. In other words, if the something does happen you would not have the resources to cover it. For example, most people don't have the resources to replace their home. On the other hand, most people can come up with the $40 it costs for a toaster.

2. It is required by law or contract. Auto insurance and home owners insurance usually fall under these categories.

3. The product has known issues and the insurance is a way to mitigate that risk, and often offered at a loss, or thrown in for free, to give the customer more confidence in the purchase. Original warranties for example, or extended warranties a car company might add to the powertrain after a news story comes out about premature failures.

In all other cases the warranty is a money maker for the seller...often the largest profit they make, and therefore not a good deal. The warranty seller has stacked the odds so they will, on the whole, pay out much less than they collect. If you are buying a lot of products and avoid all the warranties you are basically self insuring and you will save money in the long run.

P.S. The money I have saved, over the years of not paying for extended warranties, would pay for the D800 several times over.

You are basically saying that insurers are making money off their customers. That's the purpose of any business. If you want to give a relevant advice on this point, you would have to stack up several pieces of info that you do not have: repair/maintenance costs expectancy of the specific camera over the period of extra insurance, affordability of outliers repairs compared to affordability of insurance to the owner and the way the customers handles the object, etc...

On that last point, I happen to always buy tyre insurance for my cars in the US. I know these guys are supposed to make money but in practice I don't think I ever bought one tyre insurance that paid less than at least 2x what I paid for the protection... But again, this is irrelevant as it is a different product/specific use/etc...

The OP wants to be insured, so he has to find a suitable contract if possible. I think Mack sells extended warranties in FL. I do not know if it is a good or cheap one, just heard of it as I bought some camera while traveling there.

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