Xrite ColorChecker Passport & Merrill images

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Re: Xrite ColorChecker Passport & Merrill images

D Cox wrote:

PicOne wrote:

I didn't have any luck trying to use my ColorChecker passport to set color for DP2M files. THought I'd trying with X3F->TIF->DNG, but couldn't get this to work.

That would not work because the TIFF is not a raw format. You would have to go directly from X3F to DNG.

Yes, but I thought that by making the DNG from a TIF, maybe I could "fool" the software.

Does anyone know of a tool like XRite software product that can be made to work with Jpegs or Tifs? If not, is there a reason nobody has invented one yet?

In principle, one should be able to make a set of custom curves for use in Photoshop, based on the Color-Checker image.

I can tend to laziness; so nobody has created a software that does this automatically for non-Raw files?

The ACR calibrator script seems the nearest to this.

Maybe I'll try this. Is this built into PS or a download from elsewhere?   But if this is called "ACR", it sounds like it's meant for Raw files, if PS doesn't recognize my X3Fs, will this still work; and/or work with Tifs?

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