Is 35 f2 as good 50 f1.4?

Started Feb 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
brightcolours Forum Pro • Posts: 14,867

Sovern wrote:

35F2 has very very soft corners from what people have been saying and from what I've seen.

You have not seen that, nor have you seen many claim that.

The 35mm f2 has sharp corners on APS-C, and still sharp enough corners on FF. It is a fine little lens.

As photozone puts it:

"The lens showed a comparatively strong performance in the lab. The center is already very good at f/2 increasing to excellent resolution figures at medium aperture settings. The borders and corners are weaker (but still good) at f/2-f/2.8 but they do also increase their quality to very good level from f/4-f/8. The resolution peak is reached around f/5.6. It's quite interesting that the extreme corner quality is a tad higher than at the borders - an unusual characteristic here."

I love your many nonsensical opinion posts

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