5d3's review score is unreasonable compare to 6d's

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Re: 5d3's review score is unreasonable compare to 6d's

fyngyrz wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

Pedro Moreira wrote:

Different camera categories, you cant compare. its in the reviews.

5d III= Semi-pro

6d=mid-range full frame DSLR

1, Absolute overall score, aggregated from absolute category scores such as AF

You can't even really do that. For me, the 6D's AF is *far* superior to the 5DmkIII's; that's because first, I use the centerpoint exclusively, and second, I shoot dark regimes a great deal of the time (astro, auroras), so that extra stop of sensitivity of the 6D's is a deal-maker.

The next guy over is maybe trying to shoot birds or butterflies, and not having AF points near away from the center in the broadest possible pattern would be a deal-breaker.

How would you score these differences against each other? For one use the 6D is superior; for the other, the 5DmkIII is superior.

Kind of reminds me of the silliness in various reviews where they pooh-pooh the usefulness of high ISO, whereas high ISO performance and presence is one of my key buying "pivot points."

You have to read the specs, you have to know what they mean in relation to how you shoot, likewise dig into the features until you know what's there and what isn't, and you should roundly ignore the review's "conclusion" unless it contains something like "...and then the camera exploded, killing our reviewer."

But you see. no one is advocating for DPR or any review to abandon explanation of raw specs. Score and ranking system co-exist with specs, why? because there are those who just want a simpler version of "what DPR thinks". For someone like you, who obviously nows exactly what you want, is not one of those thus should just ignore any score system.

in an absolute score system, 6D's -3ev focus should give it extra points, It should score higher than 600D but lower than 60D.

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