Apsc lifespan is limited ?

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Re: Apsc lifespan is limited ?

Gwapodave wrote:

This is an article from a year ago,Has anything happened in the last 12 months that makes you guys think that this is less/more likely to be the case any time soon. http://www.techradar.com/news/photography-video-capture/cameras/panasonic-aps-c-lifespan-is-limited-1069845

If you think a little about what he said, you would realize that what he said is the exact opposite of what he wanted you think he said.

He said that APS-C sensors have been around so long that they are quite mature already and therefor quite good, whereas m4/3 sensors have not been around so much yet and therefore are not so good yet.

Apart from the fact that the above isn't really very accurate, what he basically said is that APS-C is superior to m4/3. He just managed to phrase it in such a way that it sounded like the advantage of APS-C is an disadvantage, and you even fell for it.

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