WARNING: Fake Hoya filters from eBay seller hkdirect

Started Feb 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
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WARNING: Fake Hoya filters from eBay seller hkdirect

Hi all,

I'm starting this thread because of my bad experience with this "Top Rated" eBay seller, hkdirect.

First of all, I purchased 3 Hoya HMC UV(c) filters and 1 B+W F-Pro MRC filter from this seller because his ratings seemed trustworthy and was "Top Rated".

When I received the filters, it was very obvious the new filters were, well, different.

I compared them to the HMC UV(c) and HMC UV(o) Hoya filters I had (bought locally) and these are the differences:

  1. The new filters have a "glossy" finish inside out, old ones have a typically "matt" finish.
  2. On the new filters, there is no country of origin on the box nor filter. No "Made in Philippines by..." or "Made in Japan by..." on the box and no "PHILIPPINES" or "MADE IN JAPAN/JAPAN" on the filter.
  3. Slight but noticeable differences on the packaging, e.g. printing on the bar code, formatting of the words.

In my opinion, the first point itself is a obvious sign that the filters are fake.

No reputable company will ever use a "glossy" anodizing finish on their filters, due to obvious reasons. Bear in mind, filter frames are anodized as a whole, meaning same finish on the inside and outside.

My old Hoya filter stacked on top of the new filter.

Now for the B+W filter.

I have not own any B+W filters before so I am not sure how the packaging is supposed to be.

There is a seal (unbroken) on the top flap of the box but not on the bottom flap. Is this normal?

Hologram on the box as incredibly difficult to view. Notice how most hologram changes as you tilt it a little, but on this, the change is viewable from one side only and at a very steep angle.

Main issue: I bought the filter Brand New but the filter I received is not.

There is a rubbing on the side of the filter and the anodizing on the threads have worn out a little - obvious signs of use.

Rubbing on the side of the filter, just below the reflection of the light.

My apologies for the poor photos. I shoot film mostly and my working camera is not with me at the moment. I will take better photos when I get it back.

I have contacted the seller. He denied everything, saying there are two different versions Hoya filters, one made in Philippines and other made in Japan, while the rubbing on the B+W filter is simply a manufacturing defect. Well, I have Hoya filters made in both countries and they are nothing like that. I am very sure it is not a manufacturing defect on the B+W filter either.

What do you guys think and what should I do?

I want to let others and eBay know about this so this will not happen to others again.

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