Pentax confirms FF camera !

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Re: Pentax confirms FF camera !

samhain wrote:

I'd snort fire ants for a compact pentax FF camera.
Given that the k-5/II/IIs is arguably the best aps-c dslr on the market, I have no doubt that the FF will be an absolute beast! Personally, I don't care if its mirrorless or SLR, as long as it has an OVF & K mount I'm in.

And I guarantee- all those who say "I'm not interested in a Pentax FF"... Once it hits the market, everyone will be changing their tune. Maybe not immediately, but they'll sucomb to it. And it WILL bring in other people to Pentax.

If you own the 31/43/77, you'd be doing those lenses a great disservice by not mounting them on a FF.
I've been dreaming of shooting portraits with the 77mm on a FF digital camera since the day i got it, and after having seen how these lenses perform on 35mm film- good god man! Words cannot describe the rendering these 3 lenses are capable of on a FF format. The bokeh & DOF literally made me tear up. Having shot with the best lenses available by Canon, Nikon, Sony, Minolta, Fuji, & Contax, I can honestly say these 3 lenses are truly special.

Whether you want one or not, Pentax needs a FF camera in their line up. So don't be a Debby Downer. Be happy for Pentax & it's shooters who have been wanting one for almost a decade.

Bring it on Pentax!

hear! hear! (though maybe not the fire ants part.)

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