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Charles Baxter wrote:

Any limit on batteries (number) that can be taken in carry on luggage, or problems with memory card erasure due to airport x-ray machines??. I will be flying Alaska Airway from Dallas to Alaska this summer. Would like to carry five or six batteries for E-30 in backpack which will go into overhead as well as one charger just in case checked bag gets separated from me. Camera will be personal item in Lowepro case stored under seat Thanks

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My understanding is that the major concern is lithium batteries in CHECKED baggage.

Carry-on is no problem.

That said - I fly 10-20 times a year, always with at least 2 cameras and associated batteries and chargers, and have never been questioned.  I used to routinely check my camera gear.  Now I usually hand-carry it (because I found an excellent bag that does everything I need.

I have been asked to remove cameras in some European airports, but never on a domestic flight.

Now that I've said that...I fully expect a full search on my next flight...oh well.

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-Kenneth Sloan

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