new (used) 5Dii - what lens equivalent to crop 10-22 - 16-35 or 17-40?

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Re: new (used) 5Dii - what lens equivalent to crop 10-22 - 16-35 or 17-40?

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Recently picked up a good used 5Dii. I also have had a 7D for few years. Not selling 7D, as the two bodies complement each other. I shoot wide range of subjects, and the wildlife/birds/events will be handled w 7D and its speed and best use of the longer focal lengths.

FF will mostly be for landscapes.

As most lenses have been added for crop cams over the years, trying to decide on which route to go for the wide/stn range zoom. Hope to get some feedback from those with the similar or same (e.g. 7D/5D body setup)

Present lens lineup:

EF 50 1.4

EF-S 10-22 USM

EF-S 17-55 IS USM

70-200 L F4 IS

100-400 L IS

1.4 II extender

The EF's stay and the longer range is covered fine. While I love the 17-55 and 10-22 on the crop, I'm considering selling the 10-22 and looking at alternatives for landscape on the wide end for the 5Dii. The obvious contenders (that won't break the bank) for FF are

16-35 2.8 versionI

advantage - similar to the 10-22 FOV on crop, faster 2.8, seals, build

17-40 f4

advantage - lighter and cheaper than used 16-35 but not as wide, slower, but I'll likely do landscapes in the f8-11 anyway on tripod.

Sorry for the 'long story' but hopefully anyone whom was in the 'same boat' when going to FF and already had a crop ultrawide can offer their thoughts.

Anyone go from EF-S 10-22 to 16-35 on FF and find distortion or sharpness better or worse?

17-40 thoughts?

Thanks much!

Since you are keeping the 7D and already have the outstanding 10-22mm why don't you use that set-up for your UWA landscapes? Chances are it may be sharper in the edges and corners than the 17-40mm even at f/11?? You are in a great position to answer this question yourself. Borrow or rent a 17-40mm and simply compare identical images made with both. Some will argue that the 5D2 will give you better IQ for UWA? I say test for yourself, you are in a great position to do so.

Interestingly enough, I am also in the same position. I recently bought a 5DM3 for outdoor portraiture and thought I would also use it for landscape for which I was using my 40D and 7D. My lens of choice (for the crop cameras) was the fantastic Canon 10-22mm. It is a wicked good lens and has superior flare resistance critical for maintaining good contrast. I recently sold my 40D and the buyer told me the 10-22mm on a 7D will match the IQ of a FF with the 17-40mm as long as you shoot f/8 and f/11. Why limit yourself to shooting at those apertures only. The buyers really wanted to buy my 10-22mm but they shot themselves in the foot killing that sale because I kept the lens even though I had just bought the 17-40mm. So what to do? Do I sell the 10-22mm and keep the 17-40mm?

Heres what I'm going to do. I'm going to shoot an architectural type shot with both camera/lens combinations and carefully ck the corners for resolution. I will shoot the crop camera shot from 60% farther away to maintain the same FoV. If the corner IQ is close enough I might just sell the 10-22 so I can benefit from the 20%+ more megapixels from the FF. (I print and sell 24x36in prints) In your case the MP is slightly less though.

Good luck in your decision. I will watch with great interest, the responses to your post.


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Hi Bill,

how did your test go?  I'm in the same boat as you and curious to hear your results.

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