Autofocus tips for kids with GH2?

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Re: Autofocus tips for kids with GH2?

Well I am certainly no expert but give the 'bubbles' a go.

It works for a number of reasons.

1. Bubbles look pretty good in photos.

2. Children look towards where the bubbles are being blown from. So in my case, she was being lit by a bay window on the left so I needed her to look left and either up or sideways. So placing the bubble blower on that side above her achieved that.

3. Children stick to where the bubbles are rather than run around all over the place.

4. Although the child will get manic playing with the bubbles if you stop the bubbles, the child will stop and wait expectantly for more bubbles to be blown.

I actually printed half the shots I took (although I am not that fussy) which is a pretty good hit rate.

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