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Re: Those AWFUL 70-200 Nikon Zooms! ;-)

Just a note on the 70-200/2.8 VR-II and breathing. It wasn't an idiot engineer. It was a very talented lens designer making a specific choice, intentionally, to go with an optical design that allowed for two things that he deemed important in the lens, namely a) very quick/accurate AF and b) excellent close range optical performance but at the expense of one thing - focus breathing in the closer ranges. You can't have everything in lens design. Always tradeoffs. So while the lens perhaps may not be for YOU due to it's breathing, you should at least understand that it's just a tradeoff thing that resulted in a result that you didn't like, and not a failure on the engineers part. The reason the Nikon is superior (slightly) to the Canon in the short/moderate range, with a biting contrast that has left many of us who own both the VR2 and the 200/2 leaving the big 200/2 behind in closer distances, is because of that designers choices. I'm good with them. Ecstatic even. It's actually this lack of central zone "magic" which is why I'm not interested in the 70-200/4, even if the F/4 lens might be technically a smidge sharper out to th edges.


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