DVD-RW Drive Access Corruptions

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Re: DVD-RW Drive Access Corruptions

Henry Falkner wrote:

I have a Toshiba Satelletie L650D with Windows 7 since just over two years ago, and it serves me well.

However, it seems much too easy to disable partial or whole access to both the internal and external DVD-RW drives. Both stopped recognising RW disks recently. System Restore reported it was successful, but the external DVD-RW drive remained invisible.

... dislike backup programs, because they seem specific to the version of Windows in which the backup was created. One of our dance club members entrusted to maintain the archive used a backup program specific to Windows XP, and Windows 7 on my laptop would not have a bar of it. I slow-formatted that disk and copied everything to it again.

Now I am maintaining the harddisk archives for the two clubs myself, and for backward compatibility I have COPIED to them all the JPEGs and videos, which are already compressed anyway. I put a sticker on those drives stating 'This disk must remain visible to Windows'.

OK, yes my DVD drive goes silly in Windows 7 and needs a power cycle and reboot to get it back. You could try to go into System-Device Manager (Start-<go to text entry box, type device manager>- then click on it, Uninstall, reboot of required, then rescan for hardware changes. You might also search for updated firmware for the drive and Win 7 (model # required).

For backup, the Microsoft "freebie" Synctoy is great, it just copies files quickly, and can sync both directions (i.e. if a file is deleted it vanishes from both synched directories), or "contribute" which just pushes files in one direction and doesn't care if the original is deleted.

In Linux/Unix this operation is "rsync" but the Windows one is a GUI and pretty good!

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