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Re: d90 and wedding

I have shot one wedding as "supplement" to the professional photographer. Based on that experience I would recommend another D90 body for sure....both as a backup and also allowing you to have two different lenses mounted.

On DX, the 35mm should be a nice length for the larger group photos and 50mm very nice for the more traditional portraits. If these are outdoor shots, I personally would not be afraid to use the 18-105mm either is you want/need the zoom flexibility. It often gets a bad rap as a cheapo, plastic, kit lens but it always delivers. It is razor sharp. If it lacks anywhere the color and contrasts are perhaps not quite on par with your other lenses but shooting RAW these are simple and minor adjsutments.

During the ceremony the 50mm on one D90 and the 70-200mm on the other will let you get "close" without being too intrusive. I would think those two lenses would have you covered.

Leave the 11-16mm at home unless you plan to use for some venue shots.

When doing the dance/party shots the 50mm is perfect (on DX) and don't be afraid to do non-flash shots!!! The colors of the dance floor with DJ lighting without flash is stellar and very fun. With the dark conditions, you may have to resort to some manual focus, but that is pretty simple on the 50mm. A little noise, a little motion blur adds to the feel.

If you happen to run across a used Nikon AF 35-70mm F2.8D it is a KILLER lens and simply wonderful to use at a wedding. My dad has one he bought with his last film camera and I borrow any time I can. The color, especially skin tones, is simply stellar. It as every bit as sharp as any modern lens and since you have the screw drive motor in the D90, it will auto focus.

Good luck and have fun!


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