colours different on print preview to when in photoshop

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Re: colours different on print preview to when in photoshop

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ok thanks i will take a look

There are also reports that previewing the print can screw up the color management during printing. Usually causing a red cast. . I haven't seen this, but have read it numerous times.

The color cast issue is only with some versions of the Mac OS and is caused by a conflict with the Mac ColorSync utility. I haven't heard of any such problems with the Win preview, which predates the availability of the preview on Macs.

I use XP Pro and have the issue the OP discussed with all my printers "Print Preview"

The OP doesn't mention what OS or what printer, so determination is difficult.

I do agree that the preview does not provide an accurate representation of the colors and shades of the finished print. I use it mostly for checking the image placement on the page.

Basically, I think that is all the preview is meant to do - it allows you to see the layout, possible spooling errors, and whether you have accidently selected several images rather than just one.

The preview is supplied through the operating system, not though the driver or the color managed software you are printing from. It is not color managed, because that would take a great deal more code and it is meant to be a lightweight help, not a fully fledged app.

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