Autofocus tips for kids with GH2?

Started Feb 13, 2013 | Discussions thread
Abrak Veteran Member • Posts: 3,627
Re: Autofocus tips for kids with GH2?

I dont usually take photos of kids - mine are all grown up. However, a friend of my GF came round Sunday and said she had no decent photo of her 3 year old. So I fired off some shots with my OMD using S-AF and eye-focus. Now the good news is the focus is fast and will always lock but is not wildly accurate. I still got plenty of shots with decent focus.

However it occurred to me that as young kids rush around madly having fun, the real goal is to capture the fun they are having more than anything else. And I actually put together one photo from the 'scraps' of the shots I took. Call it a homage to Tedolf whereby correct focus, exposure, shutter speed and composition are luxuries that you do not afford.

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