The M43/MFT Shaft !

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Personally, I'm looking forward to when full frame cameras the size of an Olympus XA are available.  The technology is obviously not there yet, as the Sony RX1 shows.  That's a big chunk of glass for a small body.

As has been mentioned before, m43 can be viewed as a design compromise.  It's about being able to manufacture sensors at a reasonable rate of cost and ease, and be able to make lenses smaller than currently used on aps-c and full frame cameras, while retaining a good level of image quality.

Naturally, since digital sensors have the angle of incidence issue, light must hit the sensor at right angles, and companies are spending a lot of time and money developing microlens systems that direct the light into the sensor accordingly.

Up until very recently, this played a big part in the size of the lens.  Larger lenses were needed to help direct the light into the sensor at right angles, which limited how small digital camera lenses could be.  Generally, the larger the sensor, the larger the lens was required to do this adequately, and even now a balance is being struck between lens size, microlens arrays and in-camera vignetting correction.

One day, sensor design will virtually eliminate the angle of incidence issue, and we'll have the aforementioned digital XA.  It's coming.  It's just now right now.

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