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Re: Minolta/Sony Lens question

The SAL50F18 or MIN50F17 are both perfectly decent lenses in their own right (also consider the MIN50F17RS as well).  Min 70-210 F4 'Beercan' is over-rated as it can (and often does) suffer with CA.  As for all of your 3 lens choices, are these out of necessity or because it's what you've been told to buy?  I only ask as there are much better options at similar money, and would advise you buy what you actually need them for so don't get sucked into thinking that 'you must have these' as you probably don't, though if it was an absolute must have situation, I'd opt for the SAL50F18 (it's cheap enough new and you have warranty and repair cover).  The 1.4 is over-priced for such a small difference in aperture and if you don't need a paper thin focal plane, why pay all that money?

A better short zoom to the F4 'Beercan' is the latest Sigma AF 50-200mm F/4-5.6 DC HSM (I bought one for my Pentax K-5) and can honestly say that I'm totally blown away with it's IQ and overall performance (I don't say that lightly BTW).  It's absolutely brilliant!  Yes, mine has in-lens OS, but that aside it's probably one that's gone under the radar, so it's my recommendation over the 70-210mm F4, plus you get warranty and repair cover (this is an expensive exercise if you ever have to get the legacy lenses cleaned and/or serviced) so think ahead.

As for an affordable long telephoto, the Tamron AF 70-300 Di USD is the weapon of choice in the 'above average' category, but I wouldn't buy it AND an intermediate tele-zoom as you effectively duplicate the focal length, so if it's a choice of the two ask yourself do you need 200-300mm cover or not and decide accordingly.  Having been there and done that for a long time, you get some free advice from DPR members which is designed to save you any disappointment and money buying then re-selling at a loss because you may have bought for the wrong reasons.  What exactly are you going to shoot?  If it's family stuff and baby pics, you might be better off with a decent WA zoom such as a Sigma AF 17-70mm F/2.8-4.5 DC Macro.  For macro/portrait, a Cosina/Vivitar AF 100mm F/3.5 MC Macro (about the best of the budget dedicated macro's out there), so a few things to take into consideration which won't bust the bank but will be better options than those in your list should they be the type of lenses required.

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