What's with these insane prices...?

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Re: What's with these insane prices...Casio FH25 outstanding for high speed video

I was totally shocked by the appreciated price of the FH25.  i bought it for $249 from B&H  about 3 years ago.  It works great.   But I looked on ebay to see how much I could get for it and I was shocked!  I was hoping to sell it for $50-$100.  Then I saw that people are selling these used for $700.   I kept the box and all the original cables so my camera looks like new. It's on ebay as of today for $699.  This is not an advertisement, just discussion about the value of the camera.

It is very rare for modern tech products to actually go up in value.   This is the second time this has happened to me.    years ago, I had one of the last Pioneer  Laser Disk karaoke/DVD players that was produced.I bought it for about $200 new.  Then 4 years later, I was able to sell it for about $350.

G-d Bless America.

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