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There's a very obvious choice you may have overlooked.

Macchu Picchu is at a fairly high altitude, where the air is thin and the staircases are long. You really want to haul a heavy dslr rig up there when you don't have to? Galapagos has weight restrictions on traveling there. Plus, there's the general hassle of maneuvering yourself in strange lands while hauling a bulky camera bag.

For general use, this would be a multifaceted debate, and I'm not entirely sure I wouldn't side with the Pentax, but given the travel and where you're going, the obvious choice is the OMD. Because it delivers the same IQ as either the E5 or K5ii, at considerable less size and bulk.

One can nitpick over specs that in the end won't be all that noticable.  You can't nitpick over the substantial difference in size and weight.

An OMD, with one multipurpose zoom like the 12-50 (soft at 50mm, but otherwise a decent lens, and it has a surprisingly good macro mode), plus a couple of small primes: 45 1.8, maybe a 17 1.8 or 12 2.0. Add the MZD 75-300 which is slow but remarkably small for the focal length, for capturing the fascinating wildlife on the Galapagos. Check out the size of a 400mm zoom for the Pentax... not small.

The OMD with one GP zoom, two fast primes, and one long tele zoom, will be smaller and lighter than an E5 or K5ii with one fast zoom. It won't restrict your movements or your other activities to nearly the degree that a dslr rig will. With two batteries in the grip, it can take a lot of shots.

I own both E1 and E3, plus OMD. If I were going on that trip, there'd be no debate at all. It would be the OMD, so I could capture beautiful photographs, without interfering with everything else I was doing.

Why not have your cake and eat it, too?

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