Self timer annoyance.

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Re: Self timer annoyance.

rattymouse wrote:

Gordon L wrote:

This is just one more example of how in-competent the software designers are. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my x100. But it is just so frustrating.

Don't get me started, I tried using a third party flash this weekend. No other camera maker I know makes me go into the menu just to activate the hot shoe. Grrrr.

Fuji has by far, the worst programmers in the industry. They simply havent got a clue as to how people like to operate a camera. They have been blasted, time and time again in the camera media from a decade ago up till now. Fuji simply refuses to make changes to help provide for a better photographing experience. These examples here are just a fraction of what they do wrong. You'd think the camera had never ever been invented until Fuji's time and they were breaking ground with new stuff. My Fuji S205EXR, for example, had the most stupid wake from sleep routine. Once the camera went to sleep, you had to physically turn the camera off, and then on. This caused the camera to re-boot, which took 3-4 seconds. Just plain stupid. My 7 year old Canon has a far more reasonable way to wake from sleep: Depress the shutter button half way. Wakes up in a few milliseconds.

Stupid, stupid Fuji.

I can see faulting the programmers for code that is broken, but you are talking system design.

It is not the fault of the developers if they were given the wrong requirements.

The following illustration captures the SDLC:

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