Which focus points do you use? (Or, do you focus and recompose?)

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Re: Variety needed.

JulesJ wrote:

jonrobertp wrote:

If one only uses the centre point, then why not buy a cam that features mostly that...like the 6D. Mostly that. The best Af systems don't hinder you by only putting weak sensors at the sides. Whats the point of having lots of single sensors that don't read well in low contrast or low light...when they are very unreliable ? Seems that ppl are hooked into buying them...and I know it did a bit of a # on me too. (before I found out what they did not do very well).

If I am forced to use only the cross sensor in the center...then it causes one to miss shots...ppl on stage don't stand still ...and focusing on the belly is not good for the face at 2.8.

Next cam...will need to have better top/bottom/side cross sensors....or maybe I've simply been buying cams that were too cheap, and meant for amateurs. Live and learn, as they say.

Why have many sensors at all when there is only ever one optimum plane that you want to focus on in your picture? What am I missing?

Speed of shooting, Jules.

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