Variable ND, Kenko or Hoya?

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Re: Variable ND, Kenko or Hoya?

LeonXTR wrote:

I am between the Hoya Variable ND 3-400 and the Kenko NDX 2,5-1000

Thing is, usually, in 99% of the cases, Kenko and Hoya's are both the one and the same thing (same glass, same factory, same package, different name).

In this case, Kenko is stated to go up to ND1000 but at their site they state : Practical use up to ND450, so it is on-par with the Hoya.

However, for the 77mm thread the Kenko is €250 and the Hoya is €120. And that despite the fact that Japanese-sold Kenko's are the same thing but usually 20-30% cheaper than internationally-sold Hoya's.

So i am wondering if, in this case, Kenko NDX is actually different than the Hoya.

Before anyone suggests it, and i know i can get an old, branded LPL for €20-30 and stacking it in front of my CPL, create a variable ND, but i wish to avoid the vignetting (old filters aren't as slim as modern ones.)

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The manual is there to be read,not for toilet paper.

The entire photographic section of Hoya has been sold to Chinese outfit [with HQ in Taiwan] in 2011. The company as well owns Ricoh. So Pentax cameras, Hoya Filters, Tokina lenses etc are no longer made by Hoya corporation of Japan. The Chinese company that makes Hoya filters has purchased the "Hoya Japan" trade mark, hence Hoya Japan doesn't equate to Made in Japan. In past, most of Hoya filters were made in Philippines. Now, majority of Hoya filters, Ricoh and Pentax cameras etc. is made in China.  Hence the quality and price will reflect this.

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