Moving from E-PL1 to? .. Pairing the GX1 w/Oly lenses? .. a bad idea for a me?

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Re: Moving from E-PL1 to? .. Pairing the GX1 w/Oly lenses? .. a bad idea for a me?

Iasso wrote:

Thank you everyone for helping me make the decision!

The final 2 contenders were Oly E-PM2 and Sony NEX-5N

I have gone with the E-PM2 for the following reasons:

  • because if how much I rely on IS and how I have grown to trust Oly standard IS in my E-PL1 to help me shoot on the move.
  • the Oly is a solid metal body, while the NEX-5N is all plastic, and the environments I take them into are not the friendliest.. I also thought about which would survive an accidental drop
  • the NEX-5N has a serious protrusion for a 1-hand handle; this is a liability if/when it shares space with other snagable gear like wires, denier rope, snack food or or other trail supplies (ie: medical, tactical, etc). I just cant think about something jamming between lens and handle.
  • the NEX-5N and the standard permanently extended lens is a bulky space drain and liability when maneuvering the camera and needing it to be balanced when you draw it out of the bag/holster, on the move or in a challenging location. The much wider and longer Sony lens also creates a greater liability if the camera should ever accidentally be dropped
  • I have a couple nice Oly lenses already even though I was prepared to make the sacrifice, but this just makes it slightly easier
  • also, I was able to snag a E-PM2 for $400, with the lens that I could sell, simply because it had a scratch and was the white & beige, "girly" version .. I figured if you've just climbed 3300ft over a 9 mile round trip to a 4800ft peak in -55c temp w/40mph winds.. there isn't a camera girly enough to whip out

Lastly.. I know I am no pro and the E-PL1 is pretty old tech by this community's standards, but per the request of a user that's been very helpful, here are some pics from our latest trip to ADK:

If you feel your going to need any form of grip, these are superb

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