Fuji X20 or X100s

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Re: Fuji X20 or X100s

WillemB wrote:

There is another option, namely an converter which screws in front of the camera lens, that shortens the focal length of the taking lens in a certain ratio. For instance, the Nikon WC-E68

I have little doubt that the X20 will be a nice compact camera, and I am very interested in it myself as a permanent companion.

Looking at this picture (X10 with WC-E68), I wouldn't be too optimistic about its capacity to shoot architecture for (semi)pro work and large printing formats, though - look at the corners: 

I think the X10/X20 excels in other departments.

The other Fuji cameras are mostly very nice, too - but the OP has asked for:

+ an affordable solution
+ very good image quality
+ equipment useful for architecture (churches)

For interiors of churches, he will need (very) good dynamic range and a really wide wideangle lens. I'm talking 20mm (35 mm equiv) or less.

He likes the Fuji colors and has heard good things about Fuji. That's great. Now, we could teach how to achieve similar results by shooting RAW with other good cameras and proper post processing.

He has not asked for a very small camera and not particularly for the features that make the Fujis special.

A Nikon D3200 + good standard zoom (Nikon 18-105: 28-150 equiv) + good wideangle zoom (Sigma 8-16mm: 12-24 mm equiv) would cost less than a Fuji X-E1 with standard zoom alone. This equipment would get the job done very well, would be flexible and cost effective, with an excellent sensor and high dynamic range.

If he wants a smaller system, he can have a look at an Olympus E-PL5 with standard zoom and an extra 9-18 mm wideangle lens (18-36 mm equiv.) that also cost less than an X-E1 with standard zoom.

There is a lot to like about the Fujis, but I don't think any one of them would be a good start for a beginner looking for a competent and cost efficient solution for this specific task.

Just my 2 cents, based on 40+ years of amateur, pro and semipro experience (in this order with all sorts of different systems.

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