Mom's with Cameras killing your business?

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so rare as not to matter

yes, you are right...BUT how long have you been paying for insurance? How often have you used it?
I live in the top state for deer/car accidents - hit my first one 3 weeks ago, after 35 years of driving, 3 professionally (so 100k plus miles a year)
Been paying on homeowners insurance for 25 years...
Paid on car insurance for 35 years...had one claim.
In 8 years of shooting I've had one camera fail (shutter) and a flash get dropped (ass't) and 2 monolights smoke (water/dew/condensation/rain issues).
I had backup so no lost images - but consider 4 issues over 500+ sessions, or 1 every 175 shoots.
The typical MWAC may shoot 15 a year (if that) so they'll see a failure once every 11 or 12 years. They'll upgrade gear more often than that so I doubt they'll every see a failure.

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