Nikkor 28-300 Lens. Anyone using one on a D600 or D800.

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Re: Nikkor 28-300 Lens. Anyone using one on a D600 or D800.

hi marvin,

i got that lens and use it with the D600. it is the best travel combo i can think of.

it is an extremely versatile lens, but it has its downsides. if it is about getting the shot, get that lens. if it is just excellent quality what you're after, get a 24-70 or something like that. i'd miss the long end though and i don't like switching lenses too much (quite often i shoot while hiking...).

here is what helped me deciding about what lens to buy:

- we all know that the 24-70 is a way superior lens, but how often would you see a difference in your shots compared to a lens like the 28-300? if you know how to use a 28-300 and if you mainly use it during daylight, my answer would be: the difference is not as huge as some people think.

- 24-70 + 70-200 are too heavy and too expensive

- i went for the 28-300 and complemented it with a very decent travel tripod -> this was an excellent decision. it is also very useful for panoramic shots. wanted to get the 16-35 for that, but with the tripod and experience with the 28-300 that's more than what i need for panoramic shots.

- i also have the 50mm 1.8 as a very lightweight lens that delivers very good quality.

=> i'd give it a try and sell it if it's not for you.

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