Which SAL lens can actually be held by the camera?

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Re: Which SAL lens can actually be held by the camera?

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Any budget is fine Which of those 3 have OS? I guess it'll be between 1650 vs 1680. I believe the 1650 is SSM while the 1680 is not? Does that matter in EA2 uses?

You might check also Sigma 17-50 f2.8 OS HSM in A-mount.

It's a fast, HSM AF, not too big and heavy lens and one of the few with OS. Using LA-EA2, you can have it all - AF speed, optical speed and image stabilization.

I checked sigma's website and how come it says OS it not available with sony mount?


Yeah, Sigma has been removing OS from Sony and Pentax lenses since they assume people will not miss it due to in-body stabilization. But, to me, that is a bad idea especially now that people may shop these A-mount lenses for NEX. It is why if I had to choose between Sigma 18-250 HSM OS (old) and Sigma 18-250 HSM Macro (new), despite the smaller size of the latter, I would pick the former. In fact, when I picked up 18-250 HSM OS nearly two years ago, that it had OS was an added advantage over Tamron and Sony super zooms.

You may have to look into the older 18-50 HSM OS for A-mount. Hopefully, Tamron will start offering VC on A-mount lenses, which may also be useful in NEX, to get Sigma back into the game as well.

I guess I read your post before explaining that maybe OS isn't as important in this range anyway? I mean you'd have to very careful of motion blur considering the whole point is to take shots of moving objects.

For the purpose you're looking at these options, I'd say OS isn't very important and especially at wider angles. If you're going to shoot outdoors, or indoors with good light/flash, then there is absolutely no need for OS. Here is an example with Sony 16-50/2.8 SSM via LA-EA1 on NEX-3.

ISO 1600, 50mm, f/2.8, 1/30s

The slowish shutter speed virtually requires OS (it is over a stop slower than would be recommended at the focal length) but with steady hands, it is acceptably sharp. Of course, if the thing were moving, then I would have to use flash anyway.

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