Lenses for GX-1?

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Re: Lenses for GX-1?

Hi Kolobok32,

Warm welcome to the GX1 owner's club! Glad to hear that you're giving your gx1 shutter some target practice eh? Here are some options, I would recommend, though this is highly dependent on your budget.

I have been sitting on the fence and waiting for someone to come out with a lens similar to my much missed Zuiko 12-60mm F/2.8-4, so that I would be able to buy a body to match it.

By the way Panolympus is going, I don't think an equivalent of the 12-60 f2.8-4.0 will appear on MFT anytime soon. However, there is the excellent (but ridiculously pricey) 12-35 f2.8 X lens.

It's a steal if you order off eBay from Hong Kong (for £650, approx ~$900). It's pricey, but considering the specs pretty much mirrors the old FT 14-35 f2 (super high grade).

Yes, its a stop slower (f2.8 v f2)... but at less than half the price its a steal. (FYI, 14-35 f2 is still priced at a whopping £1400!)

Since that is no danger of happening it seems, I saw a GX-1 body for $319 on Amazon and bought.

Great bargain! Better than the Rip-Off Britain I live in...

I borrowed a Panasonic 20mm lens from a friend and I will use it in the short term.

Good lens and very compact. The only nitpicking bit about the 20 f1.4 is the AF speed, which is just a tad bit slow, due to the AF motor having to move the whole lens.

I suppose, i can start assembling a lens line-up with the GX-1 in mind and if something attractive from Oly comes out, I can always switch to a different body later.

OM-D EM-5?
I would have upgraded myself if I had the cash...

-Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 pancake for about $300 for a small walkaround lens.

Good lens, especially if you're a landscape shooter, but f2.5 may be a tad bit slow.

For landscapes, the Oly 12 f2 maybe a bit better? though the price of £450 isn't exactly cheap...

-Panasonic 14-140mm for a general purpose lens (~$650). This would be my version of a kit lens, I suppose. It is a little big, but it seems to be well regarded and it is easier to have this one lens instead of two "kit quality" lenses like the X lenses: 14-42 and 45-175

See comment below (on superzooms).

14-42 X is a mixed bag. I use it as a compact travel zoom as it is small and useful. But for any serious shooting, you can achieve the same (if not better) results with the older 14-45 kit lens.

I personally find that f5.6 is a bit poor at the tele end, and the fact that there is no MF ring (the lever is a really bad design...)

45-175 X is great, only snag about it is that f4-5.6 makes it a bit of a slow lens. It's OK for portraits, but not great if you want decent bokeh.

-Panasonic 100-300mm telephoto (~$500) for occasional wildlife photography (and taking photos of my kids when they are not looking).

Again, great choice. Although it's a bit heavy (500g) and big (67mm filter), which may unbalance the GX1 if you don't use a tripod.

I looked at Panasonic's constant F/2.8 aperture lenses and I liked the 35-100mm F/2.8 for portraits and medium telephoto shots (indoors for example). However, the 14-35 looks distinctly unappealing: for that much money I want a wider focal length range in a general purpose lens.

I think you maybe asking a bit too much for a *very good* f2.8 constant aperture lens. Rarely do you ever get a decent lens above 3x zoom... unfortunately this is just due to the limitation of optical design and weight. Superzooms do exist, but not at constant aperture, and the image quality will be dissappointing.

Other lenses (mainly primes) that may appeal to you:


Oly 17 f1.8

Panny 25 f1.4 (pricey)

Portrait (short/medium tele):

Oly 45 f1.8: great portrait lens, and cheap (£200 on ebay)

(upcoming) Panny 43 f1.4: portrait lens, likely to be pricey...

Long tele:

Oly 75 f1.8

(upcoming) panny 150 f1.8?

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