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Re: rain, backups and electricity

boggis the cat wrote:

-- I doubt there is much risk of water getting into the E-M5 even though these lenses do not have mount o-rings. A cheap 'plastic bag' solution for significant rain could be purchased or quickly made to fit.

Oh, and pick up some cheap after-market lens hoods -- particularly if you want something to attach a 'rain hood' to.

Trust me: there is not much danger of rain in the Galapagos, though lens hoods are very useful to shield from the always-blazing!    Machu Piccu might be different though, especially if you go in very early morning to avoid the teeming crowds.  There, or ff your Galapagos tour is yacht-based, you may need moisture protection from dew and spray.  Hoods can effectively minimize the number of times you need to wipe of the protective filter that then becomes almost necessary.

Regardless of what you get, be sure to test it out thoroughly and I would suggest that you have a 'pocketable super-zoom' as a back-up in case things go wrong. You may also consider some way of backing up shots taken each day (or more frequently) as insurance against disaster or possible theft -- a way of transferring the photos / video taken to high-capacity USB sticks may be a good solution.

Having back-ups and downloading and backing every day is excellent advice.  The Galapagos is the one place I actually had a CF card fail (luckily, Lexar was able to recover the images.)  Actually, although we have two MacHBook pros, our years-old cheap little ($250-300) netbook computer is generally what goes along -and does yoeman service- on such trips.  Easier to carry, especially with the 44lb luggage limit to the Galapagos, which is enforced (luckily a bit liberally in our case).

BTW, Ecuador’s electrical current is 110 volts 60 cycles – the same as North America – so adapters for North American equipment are not needed. However, plug converters (from two to three prongs) are sometimes necessary in older buildings.

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