Want to learn Photography, Which is the best DSLR for it ?

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Re: Want to learn Photography, Which is the best DSLR for it ?

Rich Rosen wrote:

As I read this and other questions on the Beginners Forum I see a lot of responses that are more complicated than they need to be and that attempt to persuade beginners to purchase more camera than they need or can afford. I am not against a rookie buying a DSLR like a D200 as long as the beginner feels comfortable using it and can afford it. That is why I suggested that the OP handle every camera he is considering and take a look at the manuals so he will know what he is getting into. Then he can make an informed decision on his needs and not what we think he needs.

And if you read my post in it entirety, you would know, that I'm not against him buying a D3200 if he feels most comfortable with that camera, and that is what he can afford. What I am saying is if he feels as comfortable with a higher level camera, and he can afford it, why not get the better camera. And yes, I mentioned auto bracketing, because of HDR. He may never use it, but if he decides to do so he will have use post processing with a D3200. You and I are in agreement, about handling all his candidate cameras. I get the feeling that you want newbies to start out with entry level cameras. If true, I don't necessarily agree.

No, I'm not against advising newbies to get entry-level cameras. I'm all for entry-level cameras. I think it's ridiculous too that people chime in with super-expensive options. "Oh, well, you'll need full-frame and big, expensive, fast lenses..." for family snaps. I'm looking at cheap options here. The OP says he wants to learn photography and he's on a limited budget. I believe if your starting a new hobby you should be looking at starting cheaply. How many dSLRs are there out there sitting on shelves gathering dust? You can't go by the level of interest in these forums because these forums are a bubble of people who have a specific interest. A lot of people buy dSLRs, expect some instant magical results, don't get them and they lose interest. They can't be bothered carrying them and it's a hassle changing lenses. These people don't come back. They've lost interest.

If you have a limited budget, you can make a virtue out of necessity. Have fun doing things on the cheap. Don't be worried that you don't have much money.

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