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PaulRivers wrote:

I don't know, every time someone uses phrasing like how one camera has another "beat by a mile" they always seem to end up meaning minor and obscure differences.

I don't know about the s110, but with the s95 vs s100 in real life, the s95 was a little better in daylight with jpg's, in raw it was about the same, at night or high iso the s100 had the edge -http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1110007

The imaging resource images do make the s100 look worse, but it's the noise reduction - the s100 (by default) loses a little detail vs the s95, but almost completely eliminates noise. Biggest down side is pics can look a little to glossy and it can look kind of unnatural with people and skin. But compared raw vs raw, with detail noise reduction turned off, the s100 has a slight edge at high iso in both reduced noise and extra detail.

Paul, yeah, you're right! Exactly so!  I shouldn't be so sweeping in my complaints.  I just got the S110 and I do like it very much. (no exaggeration) But I was suprised to see on this site:

http://snapsort.com/cameras/Canon-S100 plus of course Imaging Comparator,

that the S100 received higher marks, plus the IQ was thought to be better. And on my shots it seems like it is.

I'll keep the S110 and maybe the S100 will fail on my daughter's trip, then I can send it in. But even that's no guarantee. Gail had to send hers back, what? two times before they got it right.

It seems just a few years ago whenever you bought a new Canon, Nikon or Panasonic P&S it was a "fun" experience, and it was a better camera than before. These days you kinda have to hold your breath and hope for the best.

So now it's better to wait for the reviews.

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