Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Living in the past?

Hatstand wrote:

I can't post shots taken at ISO3200, because I don't have any:

That proves my point. Are these situations where iso 3200 is required to take a good keeper non-existent around you? I think not. they exist around all of us. so the only possible explanation as to why you do not have any is either you choose to take any pictures in these situations knowing they will not come out good, or you have taken them but got no keepers.

For airshows, I am rarely over ISO200. Propeller-driven planes need to be shot at slow shutter speeds, so that the propeller is motion-blurred. (frozen propeller looks unnatural, as if the plane has suffered engine failure and is about to crash). So, camera is set to shutter-priority mode, and usually ISO100 (Camera may vary the ISO somewhat though, to achieve exposure compensation)

I did not ask for examples where you deliberately wanted slow shutter speed. I asked examples where:

A, you used necessary motion freezing shutter speed and iso was 1600 or 3200, and you considered it a keeper.


B, where you would have wanted motion freezing shutter speed but reduced it by 8 times to settle for iso 400.

Basically - I have by no means pushed the limits of my camera's ISO, in a quest for faster shutter speeds. I could freeze the action better, but I haven't even tried, nor have I felt any need to.

So airplanes and ice skates are the only action that you shoot?  If so that is fine. But you have to recognise that is not what the majority do. the majority action shooters shoot a lot more than that. and high iso IQ means a lot to those who do. Which goes back to my original point, your list was missing high iso IQ.

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