Gun control is already working.

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Faulty logic

kcbeatty wrote:

We don't have to worry about a flood of AR buying. There aren't any to be had anywhere. The same with ammunition, there just isn't any ammo anywhere to be found. The demand is so high for these AR weapons and ammunition that I believe the entire production for the rest of the year has already been sold, or at least promised to people on waiting lists.

Profits for gun dealers and manufacturers is at an all time high. So I guess the gun control has worked. You can't buy the proposed banned weapons.

You seem to be saying that gun control is in effect.  But, guns and ammo inventory that would have taken a long time to sell have now sold off - and more is coming due to demand.  That is NOT gun control.  That is an escalation of guns.

I just took delivery of fresh ammo purchased for my pistols and rifle via the web just in case.  Local stores in Reno are out though.

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